Koé - Mobile App for sharing feedback


Koé is a communication platform helping companies monitor, build and maintain healthy organization culture. As an alternative to employees engagement survey, Koé aimed to enable ongoing open communication between employees and managers. Employees’ motivation to use this service is a critical success factor for the product market traction. 

Project goal was to redesign Koé mobile app to make it engaging and efficient for communication between  employees and managers.

My role

I made Concept Design and Material Design Prototype for Koé Android app:

  • Led  and conducted user research, analysis and synthesis sessions
  • Applied behavioral economics to product design
  • Designed wireframes, built prototype and conducted usability testing 



Together with my team mates I conducted  user interviews with individual contributors, managers and human resources professionals. Altogether we talked to 14 people who work in the wide spectrum of companies from Google to non-profits.  I also compared gained insights with published Gallup research data on employees engagement.

Key Insights:

We’ve identified that employees are not motivated to give ongoing feedback about organization culture because:

  • they feel they are not heard by the company
  • they feel they are not recognized by their peers and managers
  • they feel that managers don’t keep their promises

Employees feel upset when company doesn’t consider their concern as a priority, or when promises are false, broken, or delayed.

Research insights helped us  reframe the problem:

Companies need a way to maintain a healthy culture because employees feel they are not heard, not recognized, or have the promises kept.







Paper prototype with feedback written on post-it notes