Web app for network configuration


Project goal was to bring the full power of network configuration to a non-expert user, which requires focus on simplicity and intuitive site navigation. This web application is a long awaited alternative to command line interface (CLI) for switch configuration.

Target users: Network engineers and network administrators.

Our team of three worked on this project for eight months. During this term our key challenge was to design interface for new functionality and make interface scalable. 

My role: I joined this project from the beginning and had a great opportunity to interview founders and key stakeholders, talk to experts and target users, conduct usability study and heuristic evaluation of the existing beta version. Research insights laid out the foundation for my further design, including user flow, wireframes and  clickable prototypes.


  • Integration of the new functionality with existing interface
  • Incremental implementation of the new design concept

Research & Usability testing


Analysis  & Synthesis

Key Research Insights:

  • Users  were not able to complete key tasks because of the disparity between the user “mental model” and the app navigation.
  • Actual path taken by users was different from the “happy path” built in flow for the common tasks.
  • Working with virtual networks presents similar behavior patterns like in physical networks maintenance: users tend to start all tasks clicking on the switch - either in topology view or in Switches tab.
Reframed problem statement: How might we design an interface for the web based network configuration that will match users’ mental model?

Mind Map Diagram




Concept design