Carmanation - Mobile App

Carmanation is a peer-to-peer sharing community that is making parking more convenient and affordable. Following the same approach as AirBnB and Uber, Carmanation allows people find and share affordable parking in the city.

Problem:  Carmanation is in need to develop a mobile app for their existing  online service.


Parking spot renters: drivers and long-term visitors often commuting to the city by car. They are active on the internet and social media, either on their smartphone or computer.

Parking spot lenders: city residents who own a parking spot and are willing to share it while they commute outside of the city.

My Role:  UX and Visual Design




I’ve started with redesign of the web home page.  Considering the fact that Carmanation deals with two categories of customers - parking owners and renters, I put on the home page call-to-actions (CTA) for both.  However, sketching mobile design I realized that  it would be better to focus on driver (renter) and hence moved utilities for the spot lender to contextual  navigation.  



Carmanation aims to become the most convenient and affordable parking solution in the city. There are  few players at the market. And the key challenge for all of them is to bring parking spot owners to the community. Not everybody will bother to rent their parking spot for small income, however some might be interested to donate proceeds to local charities.  So Carmanation set up relationships with local charities to make these transactions easier.  And that differentiates Carmanation as a socially responsible business. This approach really resonated with me.  And that’s how I reflected it the mood board.

“Social, Friendly, People Centered, Convenient, Safe and Trustworthy Service."

Look and Feel

To emphasize a social aspect of Carmanation business  I’ve picked up humanistic typeface - Open Sans - looking good both on web and mobile interface.  Greenish combination of green and blue is as a main brand color conveying trust, openness and freedom. Orange is a complementary color in this design to convey warmth, care and joy. Grayge for background, and reddish as another complementary color for CTA.

Next steps: 

  • Make a clickable prototype and conduct  usability testing.